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  1. tokyo ghoul
  2. lucky star
  3. Corpse party

Number 1

    kaneki the main character

    When he falls in love and goes on a date with the girl she rips his fleash off with her teeth. luckily someone wanted revenge on her and killled her during this one sided fight. while waking up in the hospital he vomits from smelling his favorite food. The docter implanted the ladys organs in kaneki to save him. yeah kaneki is saved but this only starts the drama for that girl who tried to eat hime was a ghoul. now hes half human half ghoul. every ghouls favorite meal.

    you should watch tokyo ghoul here neko chan

      Number 2

      Lucky star is about konata and her highschool life. Like me she loves anime. Her dad is also in love with hentai.Her mom is dead Which is really just extra information because this girl is lazy and loves to watch tv on her bed while eating in other words its about me.

      This anime is a comedy which can be found here hope you like it

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      kaneki is mine so back off!!!